Meet Sam

Hello! I'm Sam!

I'm an intuitive witch, energy healer, and herbalist. I began my journey through self-study, Reiki training, and herbal training under Sally Greene and Rosemary Gladstar. In addition to energy healing, I am also a practicing witch studying under the Cabot Tradition. I'm so excited to be joining Maeva to bring you relief and relaxation with my soothing healing techniques incorporating reiki and energy healing.

I work through a combination of meditation and scanning to interpret your pains and discomfort, then provide Reiki energy to help heal the pain or injuries. 

I may also recommend some basic holistic remedies to follow to aide your body in mitigation and management of the issues. 

*Please remember any holistic advice is purely based on my experience, but I always recommend you consult your physician before beginning any holistic remedies.*

I strive to build relationships with my clients and provide a safe and loving environment in which you can heal. 

I will always respect your privacy and maintain your anonymity. 

Fun facts about me:

I absolutely love gardening and plants, volunteer with animal rescue/rehab , and listening to audiobooks to pass the time. I have 5 cats, a dog, two ducks, a rescued goose, a sulcata tortoise, a hedgehog, and a sun conure.