Readings with Maeva

Hey! I'm glad you're here!
I am on a mission to heal myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want to focus on building a more sustainable lifestyle, including gardening/farming, homesteading, food preservation, and decluttering/minimalism. The goal is simplifying and living out my little house on the prairie/outlander dreams.
With that said, my garden project is a massive undertaking. Rather than lose funds to card processing fees, booking software expenses, etc for bookings online, I have decided to book readings through bartering to help make my project possible. It's like bringing back the old ways of trading with a modern twist. I have created a wish list with the quantities needed for each item and the reading value equivalent to each item on Amazon.
I am booking online readings only (in-person is not available), and they will be booked from January 26 until March 15, 2024. After March 15th, I will take a hiatus from readings until further notice and will no longer be booking.
I thank you all so much for your support! Every purchase is guaranteed a reading.
Please send proof of purchase to to book your reading.