HOLY WATER for blessings, cleansing, purifying, exorcisms

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Uses for Holy Water

First and foremost, water is a purifier. Sprinkle it over yourself or on a friend to cleanse the aura. Soak yourself in a bathtub and add this ingredient to remove hexes or curses. Spray it from a bottle around the house to cleanse it of negative energies. It purifies, heals, and banishes all at the same time.

  • Purifies a person via baptism and/or christening

  • Cleanses and consecrates magical tools

  • Cleanses and consecrates altars

  • Sprinkled/sprayed around a home or space to remove negativity

  • Use in exorcism and banishing spells

  • Added to bath water for healing spells and rituals

  • Rubbed on aches and pains to bring healing and comfort

    17 mL glass vial