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SACRED SMUDGE Smudge Mist by Maeva Moonstar (Magically Blessed)

SACRED SMUDGE Smudge Mist by Maeva Moonstar (Magically Blessed)

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This Sacred Smudge Mist contains a combination of purifying and magickal herbs and is used as an alternative to traditional smudging (burning herbs). Made in Maeva’s Apothecary and magickally blessed, this mist is ready to use upon delivery. Magick experience is not required. Simply spray the space or yourself to purify and cleanse.

Smudging is an excellent way to energetically cleanse a space from unwanted and negative energies and vibrations. Smudging invites positive energy. This ancient tradition creates transformation and blesses a space and the inhabitants.

Sage is used for promoting wisdom and bringing in good luck. It builds emotional strength and may help to heal grief. Magickally, Sage is associated with protection and the granting of wishes.

Palo Santo: Meditation aid, clears the mind, brings luck, reduces stress and anxiety, clears harmful energies, attunes body to the vibration of the universe, enhances creativity, raises vibration to the highest point of universal love

Rosemary: Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth

Cedarwood: Healing, Purification, Money, Protection

Mugwort: Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Astral Projection

Juniper: Protection, Anti-Theft, Love, Exorcism, Health

Frankincense: Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality

Lavender: Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace

* * Sacred Smudge Mist is NOT for consumption * *

  • 2 oz amber glass mister bottle



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