Pocket Stones (Choose One)

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Solid pewter; Approx. 1"

GODDESS: Helps you stay in tune with the divine/goddess/feminine; aids in meditation

PENTACLE: Aids in focusing power during ritual, magick, or meditation; charge it as a protection amulet

HEART: Great to add to mojo bags or spell jars regarding love, healing, and self-love. Carry it with you to invite or encourage loving energies.

WITCH HAT: Assists turning negative energy into positive energy

WITCH ON BROOM: For use as a talisman, worry stone, or in a mojo bag/spell vessel. Charge it for any purpose.

RAVEN: Unlock secrets, wisdom, and wellness; honor spirit animal

CLOVER: Good luck, good fortunes, abundance

OM: Helps find a connection with the divine when you need it most

HAMSA: ward off the evil eye, negative energies or people; protection

GUARDIAN ANGEL: For protection; meditation; prayer