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Maeva's Cottage

Handcrafted Poppets (Made to Order)

Handcrafted Poppets (Made to Order)

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 Note: These poppets are made to order with love, care, and intention by Maeva. Please expect a short shipping delay as I make your poppet. 


banishment, break bad habits, Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, stop gossip, separation, uncovering truth, divination, wisdom, returning to sender, negative work, protection, absorbing, acceptance, anger, the afterlife, binding, challenges, determination, death, endings, justice, loss, release, break hexes, security grief, negativity, magic, patience, persistence, rebirth, karma, secrets, spirituality, strength, and self-control


"All-purpose," clarity, focus, truth, sincerity, Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, protection, spiritual guidance, tension relief, lunar energy, righteousness, purity, used for east cardinal point, Devotional magick, attracting, purifying, cleansing, balancing, clarity, divination, grounding, guidance, Higher-Self, hope, innocence, optimism, peace, spirituality, will power, workplace majick


courage, assertiveness, business, creativity, energy, desire, love, loyalty, motivation, passion, romance, action, survival, change, overcoming obstacles, control, Fire element, lust, Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess, passion, physical energy, physical strength, sexual desire, timidity relief, use in addition to amplify the power of any other candle color, romantic atmosphere, love or anger of a passionate nature, sex magick, south cardinal point, deep affection of a nonsexual nature, strength, health, vigor


abundance, ambition, celebration, discipline, vitality (energy), independence, freedom, goals, justice, money, positivity, pleasure, reconciliation, stimulation, strength, travel, attraction, business projects, business proposals, indifference, personal motivation, productivity, creativity, study/educational goals, opportunity, material gain, to seal a spell, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation


action, learning new skills, loans and credit, business, happiness, intellect, inspiration, intuition, knowledge, wisdowm, pleasure, stimulation, travel, Air element, communication, creative endeavors, joy, success, gratitude, mindset/mental shift, east cardinal point, sun magick (if you don’t have gold), prosperity (if you don’t have gold), attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence


abundance, acceptance, action, beauty, change, creativity, family, fertility, harmony, luck, longevity, environment, nurturing, partnerships, peace, Earth element, fertility growth, healing or health, independence, financial increase (best used with gold and/or silver), obstacle removal, productivity, prosperity, invoking the goddess of regeneration, agriculture, north cardinal point, improve the weather, new beginnings


power, protection, feminine deities, organization, Water element, emotional clarity, healing, for wounded pride, broken bones, angelic protection, calmness, clarity, healing, peace, pleasant dreams, tranquility, lunar energy, protection of home, buildings, children, Jupiter, honesty, trust, communication, dreamwork, sleep, mental obstacles, wisdom, pregnancy, leadership, justice, career, marriage, interviews, study


Akasha/Spirit element, job interviews, mental power, psychic power, protection, respect, spirituality, victory, used for calling up the power of the Ancient Ones, sigils, runes, government

All shades of purple:

astrology, authority, enlightenment, spiritual development, psychic protection, emotions, imagination, influence, independence, power, spirituality, truth, wisdom, writing, addiction, and overcoming fears



More photos coming soon. 

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