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Maeva's Cottage

Silver Stone Cage Necklace

Silver Stone Cage Necklace

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Silver is used for protective purposes. As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so too does its metal reflect negativity away from the wearer. When worn, it keeps the wearer’s thoughts and moods in line.

Energy: Receptive
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Deities: Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, Lucina; all Moon and night goddesses
Powers: Invocation, love, psychism, dreams, peace, protection, travel, money

Magical/Ritual Lore: Silver is the Moon’s metal. Because it is found in its pure form, it was one of the first metals to be used by humans. The metal’s beauty and scarcity caused it to be fashioned into divine images and offering pieces. Throughout the world, silver is identified with the lunar manifestations of the Great Mother, the eternal goddess. To this day, Wiccan high priestesses and those who view the Moon as a sacred symbol of the Goddess wear silver crescents in her honor. Silver objects are also placed on the altar during Wiccan Full Moon rituals. Silver is also a popular protective amulet. In China, small children are guarded by silver lockets worn around the neck. French couples about to be married are protected by a silver chain. The notion that silver bullets destroy vampires and werewolves has been spread by modern literature and the cinema. Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of love and healing.

These silver stone cage necklaces are silver-plated and include an 18” chain.



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