The Bewitched Collection (Set of 5)

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WITCHING HOUR: Enchant your senses during spellcasting with this musky, sensual, dark, and majickal blend of ancient incenses.

SALEM: An October stroll through crunchy leaves in Salem, MA while enjoying the shops and your pumpkin chai.

SACRED BURIAL: A walk through the sacred grounds of your ancestors communing with the Spirits, collecting graveyard dirt, and leaving an offering of tobacco and patchouli.

BOOK OF SHADOWS: The sweet and vintage aroma of your leather-bound grimoire filled with secrets and wisdom hidden in their rustic parchment pages passed through generations.

COTTAGE WITCH: For the green witch basking in the enchanting flora and greenery of their herbal craft in their rustic cottage in the woods.


  • Vegan and organic soy wax
  • Handpoured with majick and love in Maeva's Cottage
  • Each in a 9 oz amber glass jar with metal lid