Witchy Jars of Herbs, Roots, Resins for Your Majickal Needs (Choose Herb)

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Upgrade your witchy apothecary or ingredients cabinet with one of Maeva's Cottage's jar of herbs. Each jar is around 1.5 oz by volume giving you the perfect amount for a mojo bag, candle dressing, and more. 

Don't see an herb you need? Contact Maeva and let her know! We'll do our best to find it for you asap. 

Ways to Use Herbs:

  • Add to Mojo or Gris-Gris Bag
  • Fill/Stuff Poppet or Voodoo Doll
  • Sprinkle around a candle for spellwork
  • After rolling in oil or potion, roll candles in herbs to add intention
  • Mix together to create custom blends
  • Add to a tea bag or organza bag to use in the bath for a ritual bath
  • Add to witch bottles
  • Add to spell vessels
  • Grind to a powder and use as a sachet powder 
  • Mix with other ingredients to create a floor sweep
  • Sprinkle around property or home (for whichever intention based on the herb of choice)
  • Anything you want! 

Due to the nature of these products, they are categorized as curio items and are not meant for consumption. Maeva's Cottage is not a food, drink, or consumption-based shop. Therefore, we do not feel comfortable selling "for consumption products."