Amulets, Talismans, & Charms

Amulets, Talismans, and Charms


Acorn - Attracts the opposite gender, increases income, divinatory powers, and prosperity.

Akhet - Ancient Egyptian amulet representing the rising sun. It is held to give the wearer the vigor of the sun god Ra.

Aladdin’s Lamp - A charm shaped like Aladdin’s lamp means good luck and happiness.

Alligator Teeth - Protection from sorcery and danger.

Animal Shapes - Amulets made from any material representing the shapes of animals. They are supposed to give the wearer the desirable qualities of the animal.

Ankh - An Egyptian amulet meaning life or soul. It symbolizes enduring life and grants the wearer one hundred thousand million years of life.

Bell - An amulet used by primitive and Western people whose sound was intended to ward off the evil eye and dispel hostile spirits. In the Middle East bells were attached to the harness of horses and camels for the same purposes.

Billiken - A good luck ornament in the shape of a human figure.

Cat - Cat shaped jewelry represents prophecy, luck, protections, and the granting of secret wishes.

Chai - A symbol of life. Usually made from gold or silver. It supposedly grants the wearer longevity.

Cross - Life and divine protection. The Christians believed it to be a supreme amulet against all forces of evil. The sign of the cross was thought to cure illness and drive off demons.

Cylinder Seal - A seal cylindrical in shape made of clay, precious stones and limestone worn around the neck by the Sumerians and other ancient people as a signature to authenticate business agreements.

Dragon - Dragon shaped amulets offer love, happiness, and fertility, as well as balance.

Eye of God - Amulet used to counteract the evil eye. Made of sticks and colored yarn by Huichol Indians of Mexico and attributed with power of protecting people, homes, and fields.

Eye of Horus - Egyptian Eye of God made of gold, copper, silver, clay, faience, or wood and worn to acquire strength, vitality, and protection against the evil eye.

Fetish - An amulet, charm, talisman, or object thought to have an embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit. Provides power and strength.

Four Leaf Clover - Good luck amulet. The four leaves going clockwise from the left side of the stem represents fame, wealth, love, and health.

Fox Tail - Good luck amulet attached to personal possessions. Primitive people believed that it
endowed the owner with the cunning of the animal.

Heart - An amulet worn by many people around the world. It’s a symbol of love and devotion. Ancient Egyptians thought the heart was the abode of the soul. In Europe a heart amulet was reputed to prevent heart disease.

Hexagram - A figure of six lines forming a six pointed star. It is worn in many parts of the world as a protection against evil. A widely worn symbol of the Jewish faith called mogen David, shield or, popularly, star of David.

Horn of Plenty - A contemporary amulet symbolizing prosperity, modeled on the legendary cornucopia overflowing with flowers and fruit.

Horse and Cattle Amulets - Decorations such as ribbons, bells, and bits of metal once attached to animals in Europe and the Middle East to keep them from harm.

Horseshoe - A popular contemporary amulet nailed to barn doors for good luck.

Household Amulets - An amulet attached to a door or window to keep the house from harm.

Knot - An amulet usually of knotted string or cord that was believed to hold the love of a sweetheart or ward off illness.

Magic Triangle - Cabbalistic amulet based on the belief that by reducing the size of an inscription, line by line, and evil spirit could be eased out of the sufferer.

Jupiter - Brings honor and riches to the wearer. Helps influence people in higher power for the benefit of the wearer. Great for careers, success, prosperity, and business.

Mars - Induces courage, persistence, and recklessness. Usually made of red stone, such as a ruby.

Mercury - Brings success in arts and science. It also gives skill in detecting thieves. Best made out of agate, carnelian, and sardonyx.

Mezuzah - Doorpost amulet designed to keep a house safe from evil spirits, demons, ghosts.

Moon - Amulet worn in ancient and modern times to bring success in love and good fortune. To assure good fortune it should be worn as a waxing, not a waning moon. Also, helps with intuition, emotions, and honoring the Goddess.

Nefer - An amulet worn by the Egyptians. It represents beauty and goodness. It probably is a form of the heart and windpipe, and was thought to bring youth and happiness. Very popular for making necklaces.

Pentagram - A five pointed star representing the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Also represents the figure of a human being. It is thought to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil spirits. Can also be used by magicians to control spirits. Should be worn with one point up.

Ra - Thought to give long life and strength.

Rings - Worn as amulets to treat illness, dispel forces of evil, keep lovers together, and prevent flight of the soul from the body.

Saturn - Promotes dignity, industry, trustworthiness, and success in business. Best made from black stones such as jet, obsidian, or black coral.

Scarab - A variety of beetle: image of beetle in clay, faience, precious stones, or other material. Acquire the strength and long life of the god of creation. Was also thought to speak up in the judgment room for a favorable verdict for their master.

Sma - An amulet representing the shape of lungs. Was used by Egyptians to give breathing power to the dead by placing on their mummies.

Star - Ward off evil or encourage good fortune.

Sun - Said to bestow prosperity and friendship. Probably of Egyptian origin.

Tassel - An amulet made of a bunch of cords, threads, or strands hanging from a knob or roundish head. In Egypt was thought to bring happiness. Now a symbol of good luck in Mexico. In the Middle East evil spirits were said to shun tassels.

Turtle/Tortoise - shaped charm provides courage, creativity, intelligence, spiritual protection, compassion, fertility, sexuality, and physical protection.

Venus - Grants love and appreciation of beauty.