Meet Maeva


Hi, I'm Maeva!

Pronounced "May-vuh"

I'm the witch behind Maeva's Cottage!

I'm a...

  • Proud Mommy
  • Proud Activist
  • Cabot Priestess 
  • Hearth Green Witch
  • Spirit Medium & Psychic Reader
  • Energy Healer & Reiki Master 
  • Certified Witchcraft Mentor
  • Advanced Herbalist 
  • Numerology Enthusiast 
  • Health, Wellness, & Life Coach
  • Professional Photographer
  • Lover of all design, art, and crafting
I absolutely love healing and reading for my clients. It fulfills me in such a way that I can’t even begin to express with words! Meeting new people, communicating with everyone all over the world, building friendships, and providing genuine information and authentic heartfelt guidance are what fill my soul.
My goals as your reader/mentor/friend:
  • Inspiring positive changes for personal growth 
  • To be a loving friend cheering you on during your decision-making, learning, transformations, and milestones
  • To be a facilitator of healing energy and whole-hearted love
  • Always providing a safe space to be your authentic yourself 
  • Not sure who you are yet? That's okay! We'll work towards unlocking your authenticity together! 
  • An open-minded conversation of honesty, trust, and compassion 
  • No fluff. No lies. No prejudice. 
  • Knowledge and experience based advice, guidance, and results
  • I strive for REAL results, sustainable success, and authentic change


I have always been witchy. My childhood friends can attest that I was waving my stick wand to the trees to seduce the wind and weather, collecting rocks and plants, and sharing random facts and events that have yet to come true. I have been blessed with a supportive and imaginative family that enabled me to never lose my mediumship and intuitive side, allowing me to only get stronger and more aligned over time. 

I have been reading for strangers, friends, and family my whole life. It wasn't until I was 8 or 9 years old, when we finally had a home computer where I searched what I was experiencing with premonitions and spirits. From that moment on, my life changed forever. I figured it out. I am a witch! Thanks to the internet and the library in 1998, I began walking my path in witchcraft. 

Fast forward to 2008-2012, I began my studies with the Correllian Nativist Tradition. During my Third Degree training, I became a Certified Witchcraft Mentor and founded an online community (similar to Myspace) for the Pagan community, started a podcast, and began writing and building my Tumblr presence under the name, "Blessed Living with Maeva Moonstar: The Wiccan Way."

In 2010, I joined a local an eclectic Wiccan coven, Horn and Cauldron Church of the Earth and became a root member in 2021. 

I began my herbalism studies and started crafting my own herbal cleansing tincture sprays as an alternative to burning herbs in 2011. My friends loved the sprays so I started selling them to my local community. It was then that I realized my dream of one day owning a metaphysical shop/healing center/apothecary. 

In 2015, I began my studies with the Temple of Witchcraft with Christopher Penczak in Salem, New Hampshire. During this time, I became Usui Reiki I certified and later in the year, became Usui Reiki II certified.

In 2016, I received my certification as a Usui Reiki III Master. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, I began my advanced herbalism studies. Early that year, I started going live on Facebook offering free readings and tutorials. During my first live video, I was so excited to have 12 people viewing my readings!! That meant TWELVE people were interested in my guidance and the world of spirituality! I was over the moon! It was addictive and the adrenaline was worth the shaking nerves I had prior to signing on. So, naturally, I went live again! And the rest is history.  

Within just a month or so, I began the process of creating and registering Maeva's Cottage as an e-commerce business in Rhode Island. 

In 2021, I began my path in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft founded by Rev.Laurie Cabot, HPs the Official Witch of Salem, MA. receiving my First and Second Degree becoming a Cabot Priestess. I am also a member of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple. I'm hoping to further my majickal training in the tradition (fingers crossed) and be able to start the Pre-3 training towards becoming a High Priestess.



For privacy, names have been replaced by their location

“WOW! that is my first reaction. but truly, Maeva was so spot on with the reading she did for me. Her genuine, warm personality was evident throughout the entire reading! I can't wait to have a spiritual reading done! Thank you Maeva for giving me so much insight to myself.

— Rhode Island 

“Very sweet and genuine. Very Intuned and spot on with what she picked about my energy and situation. Definitely recommend!”

— Tennessee


“She was beyond amazing & spot on! I had won my reading on one of her lives and from the moment she announced I won, she remained in contact with me. She’s very sweet and honest! There is no doubt I will be coming back to her and recommending her! She won’t tell you what you want to hear but what really is! She listens and explains everything in detail! Simply amazing!Thank you!!!!! You have brought so much peace back into my life”

— Illinois 

“She is very sweet, honest & friendly.”

— Ohio


“Maeva is amazing! She was spot on with everything she said! She has never met me once, yet, she knew all of my struggle! She validated everything in my life I questioned! I love her “tell it like it is” reading style because it really helps you come to some serious realizations with yourself and gives you the chance to actually change yourself or a situation. She is also very caring and loves what she does. I’m definitely going to be getting more readings in the future!”

— Massachusetts


“I just received my first reading and it was spot-on and just wonderful. Maeva is truly focused on helping people and you can tell that she has been doing this for a long time and that it is a true calling and a gift. I am very discerning when it comes to who gets to read me, and she is absolutely excellent.”

— New Orleans

“My reading was accurate, soothing, and helped me find more clarity in my own inner work.”

— South Florida


“She gets a 5/5 stars from me!!! I had my first reading, and it was so accurate. She has me looking at things in a different view. I really am so happy I had a reading done with her. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know!!!! Thank you again!!!!”

— Rhode Island


“She has a deep understanding, clarity, and wisdom. She gave me accurate information and help me overcome any obstacle in life. The psychic readings was very clear and specific. Everything was on point; I will be booking again, can’t wait!!!”

— Unknown location


“she is amazing! I felt so connected with her and she went into depth, and answered all my questions. she has such an amazing gift. I already signed up for more readings. she is honest, raw, and tells you how it is .she is perfection xo”

— Massachusetts 

“The real deal right here.”

— Missouri 

“It's been a pleasure connecting and looking forward to another reading”

— Rhode Island


“What can I honestly say. She was amazing. Scarily accurate with everything she read. I’m on the other side of the world and she was able to connect with me. I’ve had a couple of online reads done, Which have been fairly loose in the wording and information. Not like Maeva, she is right on point and honest. I will definitely be booking more in the future.”

— Australia


“5 out 5 stars. I just had a reading and I can say that it was spot on. she's an amazing gifted person. you will not be disappointed. having a reading can and will change your life. she is straight forward and doesn't hold back. she speaks the truth. make sure to get a reading. check out all of her different types of reading she does. blessing to all.”

— Michigan


“Spot on reading! Amazing!”

— Unknown location


“5 stars doesn’t even touch it! AMAZING! Had the best reading which has given me such comfort. I can’t even explain how spot on she was on so many levels!”

— Rhode Island


“Her information & intuition was spot on. Everything made sense. She was extremely helpful in bringing peace to my life. What I found amazing was her respect for her client(s) level of personal allowance & her care for the client.”

— Rhode Island

“great reading, was my first time and highly recommend.”

— Rhode Island


“She is WONDERFUL 💜 we have had many readings together and she is ALWAYS spot on, never the slightest doubts about what she has to say (or what my best friend’s spirit has to say who comes to visit every time we connect) 💜💜🔮🕉”

— Rhode Island


“I had the best reading with Maeva and can’t wait till my next one!! She is truly amazing and has a real gift to help people!”

— Rhode Island 

“Where do I begin, my husband and I were completely taken back by how real her gifts are! She picked up on my dead great grandmother and even gave me her name (which I didn’t know myself, I had to ask family later on) and my husbands uncle. We were just completely amazed! Maeva read my cards and she was on point with everything that happened in my past and it helped me move on and start making better life choices which have really positively impacted my life! I highly recommend her! She is the real deal you will not be disappointed!”

— Rhode Island


“my reading was spot on!! Maeva is extremely gifted with her intuition. she was able to write in words the person I am better than I can explain myself. i highly recommend anyone to book a reading.”

— North Dakota


“Hey! Thank you so much for the reading. That was so much more info than I expected but was definitely necessary for me right now.”

— Rhode Island


“I am very happy that this is the way it came out. I am sure I will be reaching out to you again some time!”

— California

“You def opened my close minded mind... I can’t even fathom how you did this! Will def recommend you from now on!!”

— Massachusetts


“I highly recommend a reading from Blessed Living w Maeva! She is incredible and my reading was spot on at a time I really needed to hear it. Do yourself a favor and book your own reading! You won't regret it!”

— Rhode Island

“she was amazing...talked to my father can't believe this..she has an amazing gift!!”

— Rhode Island

“I had my first reading with Maeva today just want to say thank you you're amazing . You were so on point with everything you really gave me closure and a lot of guidance that I so much needed”

— Unknown location


“Amazing definitely recommend !!!”

— Pennsylvania


“I had a reading two weeks ago and my wife and I could not get over how much it nailed us. It was amazing and we loved it. Maeva is the sweetest and funniest person I have seen on Facebook!”

— Indiana


“Such a fun experience getting a card reading tonight, so spot on and this could not be made up 💕💕 can’t wait to book a full reading with you!”

— Colorado


“My reading was on point! everything she told me i was amazed with because she couldn’t possibly have knew these things ahead of time. she's very nice and communicates well about your upcoming appointments.”

— Florida/Rhode Island 

“I have had two readings with Maeva and she could not be more spot on. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear she tells you the truth. She is helping me grow and find my happiness. She is honest and caring and supportive. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an honest reading and not fluff. Add that she is a wonderful soul and the only practitioner I will ever go to again. Thank you so much Maeva.”

— Rhode Island

“This was my second reading with Maeva. Again I'm blown away by her ability. She is truly amazing and gifted. I wish I could put her in my pocket and have her around all the time. She is honest, sweet and very professional. This wasn't meant to be a paid reading but I couldn't not pay for such an in-depth reading. Then her generous loving personality really shone. She donated it to a country(children) more in need of it. This had come up in conversation when I said I would be paying, more a passing comment. Truly one amazing soul. ️”

— Australia


From the very beginning of my reading, Maeva treated me not as a customer but a friend. She picked up on things that I did not mention without judgement and gave me truth that I didn’t necessarily want to hear but needed to hear. My reading was done at 1 of the worst times in my life and gave me guidance on how to keep moving forward in my life and reach my personal goals. I immediately after my reading booked my daughter a reading because of how much she helped me. Her intuition is truly a remarkable gift but her kindness is what exceeded my expectations. I finished my reading feeling like I had gained a friend that cared about what my outcome would be!”

— New Jersey


“I 100% recommend Maeva! She is absolutely amazing! spot on intuitive, really detailed readings and even things you don't know about come up! I had a couples reading with her and we are just in shock with how accurate it all was, she even knew some things no one else does besides me and my boyfriend. ♡ please please please do not hesitate to book with her! ♡♡♡♡ thank you again Maeva!! xoxo”

— Illinois


“I definitely recommend Maeva. I was upfront and honest with her that I have had my cards read 2 times and my friend is a Psychic. Her choice of cards was excellent and I will say her reading was spot on from the others. I will continue to reach out for guidance to reach my spiritual goals. I think Maeva is an absolutely amazing spirit.”

— Unknown Location


“I am at a loss of words. It is as if you are able to reach into the depth of my soul and see and feel it all!!”

— Rhode Island


“One of the best readings I have ever had. Told me things that only I would know. She is absolutely the real deal. I love that she is humorous but also gentle and kind ♥️ wish they were all like this ♥️”

— Unknown Location


“the reading she gave me the other day was spot on and to prove it something I was working on came to my attention the next day.”

— Unknown Location

“I happened to be lucky enough to get a single card pull my first time watching the live video on a Wednesday. The card was so spot on for my current situation I scheduled a full reading for the very next day. Maeva was wonderful at communicating in depth what each card meant and again they were spot on for what my reading was about. I highly recommend a reading with Maeva as she is a truly authentic and genuine person sharing her gift to help others who seek answers to their questions. I also highly recommend Maeva's Cottage as I have purchased about a dozen items and they were all beautifully packaged and handled with care. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💜🧚‍♀️”

— Rhode Island

“Today my reading was so scarily spot on. There were things she couldn't even possibly know. Your amazing at what you do beautiful lady thank you so much. if u need guidance or insight or anything it's well worth it.”

— Australia

“Beautifully done with love” (maeva’s cottage)

— Unknown Location


“Fast accuracy and complimentary products and handling people. love stones and necklace cages” (Readings & Maeva’s Cottage)

— Unknown Location

“Thank you! This is what i needed to hear. You really confirmed a lot of what i was already thinking”

— Unknown Location


“I have gotten many readings from her. The reading are always spot on with why is going on in my life. The store is also amazing and I have ordered a few items so far. Fast shipping arrived early and was exactly what I had expected. I highly recommend her store and using her for readings. She is absolutely amazing!!”

— Virginia

“I've gotten a few card readings from Maeva throughout the past year. Each and every time she's been on point.👌 She's provided details about specific things that she had no way of knowing. I'd have to say she's probably thee best and most accurate psychic I've ever gotten a reading from. So far I've only ever purchased her 1-2 card readings. They are very long, detailed, and affordable. I don't intend to get readings from anyone else besides her. Definitely recommend 😊”

— Wisconsin

“Where do I start?! Maeva is AMAZING 🌞 Not only does she give off the most tranquil and calming vibe but she is also detail-oriented and personal with people. I have had numerous card readings with her on her Facebook lives and she is truly spot on! I have talked to many “gifted” individuals and Maeva blows them out of the water. Also I have ordered from Maevas Cottage and the quality of the products are Wonderful! I ordered and Owl spirit animal totem, it was beautiful and so reasonably priced! If you want the real deal..She is where it’s at!!”

— North Carolina