Meet Dameien

Hello! My name is Dameien and I am a queer and trans Tarot reader who mixes the traditional meanings of the cards with intuitive interpretations all based on your spirit. I’ve been learning tarot since I was a teenager and branched out and began reading for others about 7 years ago. Feel free to approach me with a specific question, or just to find direction on your path!

My role as a reader is to connect to your energy and translate that through the cards. I treat every reading as an intimate connection between your spirit and mine to provide guidance, inspire healing, and to give you the push to work towards your individual path in life. A big part of my practice is bridging you and your higher self, letting your subconscious tell you what you need to know to prepare for what’s next. Though I do not say I can predict the future, I can provide advice and guidance!