Meet Kerri Lynn

Kerri Lynn Foster

Cabot Priestess, intuitive, oracle, and energy reader. Graduate of Intuitive Energy Psychology Mastery class, level two Reiki practitioner, seeking to further her Reiki education and credentialing in the future.

As a young girl I knew I was different, I would search the brook, forest, fields for unicorns, fairies, and collect any stone or stick that called out to me. Growing up in a strict Christian home, I was forced to narrow my perspectives. I would still find ways to connect with the elements and when my mom insisted on throwing away my “rock collection” I learned to keep them hidden around my property in the woods. I studied religion at Liberty University and wrote argumentative papers that scored well, and questioned the closed mindedness of Christianity, and the more I studied the more of my personal truth began to emerge.

Over the years I have become a perpetual student as I read, study, take classes, learn, grow, and heal. In 2016 I started to recognize that I am an elemental witch and as such I have been able to tap into my higher self and become attuned to the senses, Spirit, and my innate intuition to read and help share messages with others. In 2019 I connected with Dr. Debra Stout and completed an intuitive mastery class where I enhanced my abilities, confidence, and leveled up my intuition and graduated her Intuitive Energy Psychology class.

Then in 2020 my dream to connect with Reverend Mother Laurie Cabot began to come to fruition, as I watched her live on Facebook and was able to join her as I studied Witchcraft as a Science and graduated Witchcraft I & II, becoming a Cabot Priestess. I have always loved to help encourage people to find their destiny, hope, healing, abilities, and connection.

As long as I can remember I have found myself in situations where I recognize a person that is hurting and have demonstrated empathy. Whether it was seeing a person crying and offering to give them a hug, offered a listening ear, and at times having a knowing the word they needed to hear at that time. One day I was visiting a sister witch and learned that her mother who had been known as Raven came to her and informed her that she needed to speak with me. This woman asked me who my spirit guides came to me as, I explained to her that there was a black Raven, a panther dragon, a bear, that are most prevalent. That is when she explained to me her mother had a message for me. “You are a reader, you are a healer, I have been the Raven you see and led you to this place” at this time the woman handed me several of her mother’s decks and said that they were a gift from Raven and her. This is where my study of utilizing cards began and I sought to learn and practice this art.

When I am with an individual and permission is granted, I follow intuition as it leads us on a majickal journey of healing, love, insight, and sometimes more.

I am a mom of three beautiful children that I have encouraged to follow their intuition and their personal paths to whatever destiny they believe is theirs. I am a Nana to a beautiful, majickal, inquisitive, smart little girl who loves to work with Nana’s crystals, herbs, and recently made her first spell bottle for fairy protection and divine intervention.

I live with my best friend since I was 16 turned life partner in 2016. He has been my rock and protector since we met working at McDonald’s as teens. Our paths would crisscross from time to time then in 2015 after a challenging time in my life he instinctively reached out to me (finding me on social media through one of my brother’s pages) and we started to connect.

Then in July of 2017 our paths stopped crisscrossing and merged into one path. I often joke he knows me better than I know myself, Universe gave him to me as a gift to help keep me grounded and push me forward towards my destiny.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your journey. Whether it is a general reading, helping to seek out insight, healing, or simple encouragement. Please note I do not claim to predict the future. Occasionally we will receive insight and special messages.