Meet Saturn

Hello everyone! My name is Saturn.

I am a Manbo Asogwe, an intuitive tarot & oracle card reader, and an Akashic Records practitioner. 

I was raised in a household where ancestral communication and seance circles were consistent practice. I’ve known of my intuitive gifts from a very early age, developing a close relationship with my Spirits—or “duppy” as my Jamaican mother would call them. 

I have elders and peers who are initiated priests and priestesses in multiple ATRs (African Traditional Religions), all of whom i’ve learned from significantly throughout my years of magical practice. 

Haitian Vodou happens to be the primary tradition of my Ancestors, which is what motivated me to initiate as a Manbo Asogwe (A High Priestess) with the house Soseyete Nago in July of 2022.

My interest in tarot and oracle cards first peaked as a young teenager, and blossomed into a serious practice while I was in college in late 2018. 

My journey with the Akashic Records began at the start of the pandemic in 2020–solidifying my path as a full time diviner and energy worker.

My objective is always to guide my clients towards their divine truth. 

With tarot and oracle cards, we achieve this with symbolism and visualization. With the Akashic Records, we achieve this with soul-level awakening.  

My Spirits and I strive to make my clients and their Spirits feel as safe and free to express themselves as possible in the divination space. Additionally, we strive to provide clients with constructive and accurate information in the divination space. While we are transparent with the delivery of your messages, we do so with tender love and care.

Things I Love: art, gemstones, trees, flowers, anime, cats, snakes, sensuality, sociology, fashion, candle-making, and much, much more!