Psychic Readings

We are so happy you are here!

We would be honored to help you receive the insight, tools, and guidance you need to heal, transform, and manifest your best life!



If you are looking to redeem points towards a reading with Maeva or interested in booking a reading with a payment plan through QuadPay, purchase readings HERE. After your order is complete, you will receive a special code to enter at the booking page that will redeem your purchase to book a reading. 

Please note that Maeva and Marli do not offer health readings.



  1. A brief chat with the reader of your choice to confirm your questions, needs, and goals. From here, we confirm your spread or create a custom one for you.
  2. "Consent to Connect" This is something that is unique to Maeva's Cottage. Since the early days of doing readings for strangers, Maeva always asked for consent to channel her client's energy. This is our way to respect your privacy and honor your energy. 
  3. From there, your reader will shuffle the cards, lay them out in the spread. This may take a few moments as we feel for the cards that call to us for you. 
  4. Once the cards are laid out, your reader will send you a photograph of the spread for your records and as a way for you to see what we see. 
  5. After the photo, your reader will begin typing your first message. Please be patient as we begin to type. Sometimes we have a lot to say!
  6. Once the first message is sent, the reading should become more fluid with little to no delays. 
  7. You may be as interactive or as quiet as you'd like! It's whatever you are most comfortable with. However, we do enjoy chatting! We love what we do and definitely invest in our connection. Other than that, nothing is required on your end. 

Each reader is unique in their ways of communicating and interpretation. 
Your reader may or may not include any of the following to achieve your messages:

  • Energy Connection
  • Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards
  • Pendulums
  • Runes
  • Crystals
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Spirit Guides/Ancestors/Deceased Loved Ones


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Readings with Maeva are available online or in-person at Maeva's Cottage.



Readings with Marli are available online only at this time.


Please note that Maeva and Marli do not offer health readings.