Aromayur EARTHY SPICE Soap (75g Bar)

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Aromayur Earthy Spice Soap – Deodorizing Spice aroma that works all day, is a great natural soap bar that provides real skin conditioning, moisturizing and is gentle enough to use all over the body, leaving you with soft, nourished skin. Its beautiful fragrance is a mix of strong sweet, earthy, woody smell which offers a pleasurable bath.

Aromayur range of soaps are handcrafted from an ayurvedic blend of fragrant Herbs & Flower powders – for fresh fragrance, Organic Shea Butter - a natural moisturizer, Coconut Oil - which removes dead skin cells and Aloe Vera Extract - an antioxidant-rich in Vitamin A & E. Each of these soaps has a bubbly lather and rinses off clean without residue.

Each bar of soap is individually packed in a box and can be given as gifts for any occasion. These soaps are great for personal use in your bathroom, for guest rooms, washrooms, travel toiletries kit.