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Gorgeous Aura Amethyst, Large

Gorgeous Aura Amethyst, Large

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This absolutely gorgeous and sparkly crystal will bring majick to any space! 

Amethyst aura undergoes a complex and delicate treatment procedure called a galvanic process in which titanium ions bond to the surface of amethyst. To start, amethyst gemstones and pure titanium are placed into a fully sealed container of ultrapure water. Electricity is then applied to the container, causing titanium ions to dissolve into the water solution. Because these ions are negatively charged, they are able to bond to the surface of the positively charged amethyst. The result gives the amethyst an iridescent appearance and amplifies the stone’s energy. 

Because it is the “stone of universal light”, amethyst aura is often used to promote happiness and joy. The reason for this is due to the stone’s capability of enhancing energy flow in the mind and body. This lifts your spirit and brings more positive energy into your life. This free flow of positive energy can also help you move on from past experiences, giving you a fresh, new perspective on life. 

Building off that, amethyst aura’s ability to enhance energy flow helps promote better focus, concentration, and insight. It gives you the power to rise above the limits and find true success. Giving you the mental prowess to succeed is also great for creative, out-of-the-box thinking and analytical thinking. The balance of two skills gives you the courage to tackle whatever may come your way.

It’s also a great stone for meditation as it is a calming and stress-reducing stone. If you find yourself feeling drained and agitated at the end of a long day, simply hold this gemstone, take a few deep breaths, and relax as your stress melts away. Many people also claim that amethyst aura is the perfect stone to use for astral journeys. An astral journey or astral projection is a deep meditation that results in an out-of-body experience. People who practice this say they feel as if they float outside of their body and look down on themselves. While this may not seem very beneficial, astral journeys are a great tool to feel an enhanced sense of spiritual guidance. 

Amethyst aura’s rainbow colors allow it to resonate with each chakra point within you. This helps remove any blockages within your chakra points and allows their energies to be more connected, greatly improving your spiritual well-being. When you use the amethyst aura for this purpose, you’ll find yourself feeling more grounded, centered, and connected with yourself. 

Simply surrounding yourself with amethyst aura, using it while you meditate, or carrying it in your bag or purse are great ways to absorb its amazing benefits.

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