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Maeva's Cottage

Cauldron Spell Candle for Transformation & Spiritual Growth

Cauldron Spell Candle for Transformation & Spiritual Growth

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Cauldron Candles were inspired by the story of Cerridwen and her cauldron, Awen. With her ability to shape-shift, inspire, acquire knowledge and wisdom, this candle will aid in your majickal workings for personal transformation, glamour majick, and spiritual growth. The color and scent were chosen in meditation with whom Maeva works closely with, Cerridwen.


All candles are made by Maeva during the right moon phase, planetary day, and planetary hour utilizing proprietary herbal blends for each intention, a custom color formulated by Maeva for that correspondence, correct energetic crystal chips or crystal dust, and a blend of oils that correspond to the intention and planets ruling them. The spells were written by Maeva for these candles so please do not copy or use them for other applications/uses. 🖤

The wax is vegan and all ingredients are gluten-free.

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