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Citrine (Tumbled)

Citrine (Tumbled)

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Energy: Projective
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Astrological Sign: Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
Chakra: Navel (cleanses), Solar Plexus (cleanses), Crown (activates)
Vibrates to the number: 6

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Protection
  • Psychism
  • Worn at night to remove fear
  • Prevents nightmares
  • Ensures a good night’s sleep
  • Worn to facilitate psychic awareness
  • Powerful cleanser and regenerator
  • Absorbs/transmutes/dissipates/grounds negative energy
  • Protective for the environment
  • Energizes every level of life
  • Protects the aura
  • Activates crown chakra and opens intuition
  • Cleanses and balances the subtle bodies (aligning them with the physical)
  • Teaches how to manifest
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • Attracts success and all good things
  • Encourages happiness and joy
  • Smooths group or family discord
  • Raises self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Can help with self-destructive tendencies
  • It helps you develop a positive attitude
  • Encourages exploring new experiences and new avenues until you find the best solution
  • Enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind
  • Excellent for overcoming depression/fears/phobias
  • Aids in stopping anger
  • Balancing yin-yang energy
  • Aids in creativity
  • Aids in problem-solving
  • Enhances personal power
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Not for consumption. 
  • Heat-treated Amethyst commonly referred to as Citrine or Golden Amethyst

  • Each stone is approx. 0.75” to 1.0” (larger size: 1.25" to 1.5")

  • Imported from Brazil



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