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Maeva's Cottage

Financial Security Charm by Maeva Moonstar *Limited Edition*

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Crafted during the waxing moon and charged on a Sunday for success during the Jupiter hour by Maeva Moonstar. Limited edition. 


  • Herbal Blend for Money Drawing
  • Tiger's Eye crystal for success and prosperity
  • Aventurine crystal chips for abundance and attracting money
  • Pyrite for good luck and financial success
  • Carnelian for personal power, confidence, and happiness to assist in breaking down blockages and self-imposed barriers
  • Salt for prosperity and protecting your assets and finances
  • Cinnamon for protecting your funds from unwanted financial burdens, negative people who may affect your finances, and curses/hexes/jinxes attacking your financial well-being
  • Jezebel Root for increasing income 
  • $100 bill with the written petition on it
  • Fast Cash conjure oil
  • Witch's Purse conjure oil 
  • Hidden and not-so-hidden sigils for financial gain and security
  • Custom wax seal 

How to use it:

  • Sit with it in a quiet, comfortable spot
  • Read over the ingredients list (above) to understand the purpose of every part until you feel it in your bones that it's meant for you.
  • Charge it with the energy of your desire, need, or hopes by envisioning what it feels like to be financially secure
  • Once you feel you have exhausted your efforts and feel like your point was sent out to the universe. Give thanks to the universe for aiding you. 
  • You may then place it upon your altar or in a safe space. 

Always remember that the universe works with you, not for you. Put your efforts where it matters and do what is necessary to for financial health. This vessel will help your efforts and accelerate that process. 

Warning⚠️ intentionally opening, breaking the seal, or breaking the vessel will have the opposite effect on your financial stability. 

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Results are heavily dependent upon your use of energy, magick, and intention. The ingredients are blessed and charged for their purposes but it is up to you to make this vessel yours for your intention. For legal purposes, this item is sold as a curio item for entertainment only. 

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