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Ritual Herbs - Licorice Root

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Element Associations: Water
Planetary Associations: Venus, Mercury
Astrological Associations: Gemini, Virgo
Chakra Associations: Throat
Energy: Feminine/Receptive
Magical Properties: Passion, Love, Lust, Fidelity 
Healing Properties: Adaptogen, Anti-Inflammatory, Upper Respiratory issues, Ulcers
Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Licorice root is commonly used in love, lust, and fidelity magic, which usually is in the form of spell sachets. Licorice root is also an effective herb for communication and movement of thought, due to it's association with the planet Mercury and it's corresponding signs. Chewing on licorice root or drinking it in a tea increases passion in relationships and/or within oneself, with the added benefit of being incredibly soothing for the throat. Often, folx who sing will use licorice root tea to soothe the throat and increase flexibility in vocal range. 

**Always consult a physician before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication(s). These herbs, resins, roots, flowers, and powders are meant to be used for spell and ritual work.

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