Love Spell Vessel for Self-Love, Attracting Love, Strengthening Love

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These spell vessels have a story and an abundance of majick. 
They were handcrafted with love as display pieces for a wedding anniversary event that I was photographing. They were surrounded by powerful love from family, friends, and the strong love between the couple. I was gifted these for Maeva's Cottage. These vessels have been charged during a Cabot ritual for love and self-love, infusing the powerful majick of myself and Cabot Witches for this intention.

Glass vessels with a sealed cork bottom. 3" tall and 1" diameter. NOT to be opened. You may place these on an altar, place of worship, or for use during spellwork. You can use them as a tool during spellwork or simply place them wherever you desire their radiant vibrations. A parchment roll with a corresponding chant is included.