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African Hand-Carved Wooden Ashanti Fertility Doll

African Hand-Carved Wooden Ashanti Fertility Doll

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African hand-carved Ashanti dolls also known as fertility dolls.

The fertility doll which originates from Ghana but can be found in many other countries in western Africa is given to a tribal woman who is wanting to become pregnant. The doll is carried by the wishful woman and is cared for as if it were an actual baby while she is waiting for conception to occur. The women carry the doll and treat it like a real child, dressing it up, adorning it with jewelry and putting it to bed. Once birth is achieved the doll will be handed down to the child who will receive the fertility doll as a toy which in turn teaches the child how to cares for a young baby.

The round head of the Ashanti doll is symbolic of the feminine womb. It also is considered by some to be symbolic of a moon goddess. A high forehead is a symbol of beauty, the neck ring depicts creases caused by fat, which is an indication of health. The body of the fertility doll is shaped like a cross and is similar to the Kamitic symbol known as the Djed, which according to Egyptian legend is the backbone of the God Ausar. In ancient spiritual teachings, Ausar possesses great power because his emotions and thoughts are stable and unwavering.

According to the myths of the Ashanti Fertility doll, the bearer of such a doll will give birth to beautiful and healthy children. Having Children in African culture is highly desirable and an indicator of prosperity.

These fertility dolls are 4-5 inches tall and stand on their own. Due to being hand-carved, slight variations are expected. That’s the beauty of authenticity!

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