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Pentacle Silver and Brass 5" Chalice

Pentacle Silver and Brass 5" Chalice

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“In Wiccan practices, the chalice represents the Goddess herself. It is a symbol of the womb and the element of water. It is an important magical tool that is a symbol of faith and is a very sacred representation of the Divine Feminine.

In Wicca, the chalice is one of the four primary tools used in rituals. The others include a pentacle, wand, and a sword known as an athame. The chalice, also known as a goblet, represents the open womb when held upright. It is a vessel for receiving blessings. Inverted, it represents birth and bringing forth one’s creative power. This sacred vessel serves a variety of purposes and is used for consecrating the circle, spell casting, and scrying. During rituals and celebrations, drinks from the sacred chalice are often shared among coven members to symbolize unity and create stronger bonds.

In many rituals, an athame (sword) is dipped into liquid held in the chalice, representing the union of the God and Goddess into a perfect whole of creation. It is similar in premise to the Yin/Yang symbol that represents both distinction and unity between genders. Both are vital and necessary for the completion of the whole.” [Source: Instant Karma]

  • 5 inches

  • The cup is silver-plated (associated with the Moon & Goddess)

  • The stem is solid brass (associated with the Sun & God)



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