Rose of Jericho Magickal Flower for peace, prosperity, abundance, protection against negativity and illness

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Rose of Jericho, a member of the Spike Moss Family, is also known as:

  • Jericho Rose

  • Maryam’s Flower

  • Flower of St. Mary (and other variations)

  • White Mustard Flower

  • Resurrection Flower

  • Resurrection Plant

  • Resurrection Fern

It is the ability to come back to life that makes this plant magical!

In spiritual and magickal practices, Roses of Jericho:

  • Bring peace, prosperity, and abundance to a home or business

  • Protect against illness

  • Protect against all types of negative energies and vibrations

  • Used as a type of Holy Water to bless people or objects


  1. Purchase your Rose of Jericho (choose small or large)

  2. Find a bowl large enough for your plant to fit in

  3. Hold the plant in your palms before placing it

  4. Take this time to feel the energy, pray, meditate, and/or consecrate your plant for its purpose

  5. Place it in its chosen bowl/dish

  6. Add fresh water to your plant (try to avoid saltwater)

  7. Once it’s watered, light a candle next to your plant (far enough away to not catch it on fire)

  8. Every week or so, change the water so it’s fresh and clear. TIP: keep the recycled water from the plant when you change it out to use as Holy Water or to bless your home, business, spellwork, etc.,

  9. For abundance and prosperity, add coins to the water of your plant.

  10. To charge crystals, you may place them on top of your plant to charge.