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Calcite, Orange (Raw)

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Orange Calcite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Meaning Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is an incredibly energizing and cleansing stone, particularly for the lower chakras, or energy centers, concerned with our feelings of belonging in the world, being connected to others and the planet, and our creativity.

It is an excellent stone to choose to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety.

The Properties Of Orange Calcite

Calcite has powerful cleansing energies, and merely having some near you will clear the atmosphere of negative or harmful vibrations. This crystal is very active and is known for its properties of speeding up development and growth.

Physical Properties Of Orange Calcite

Calcite is a rock-forming mineral and is found throughout the world in a wide range of locations. It is found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks.

It is classified as a carbonate, has a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale, and its chemical formula is CaC03.

It is transparent to translucent.

Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a spiritual stone linked to the realms of Higher Consciousness, and it will facilitate meditation or rituals designed to expand your awareness and aid your spiritual growth.

It is often used for channeling and for astral travel or out of body experiences. It can allow the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the physical body after such trance work.

Varieties Of Orange Calcite

Calcite is a commonly occurring stone found all over the globe, and it occurs in many colors, each with its own unique set of properties.

Orange Calcite is best known as the stone of creativity. It is strongly connected to the lower chakras, especially the Sacral chakra, which is the seat of joy, creativity, and pleasure.

Orange Calcite Raw

Using Orange Calcite

The physical properties of this stone mean that it can be easily carved or split to make a variety of objects, from candle holders to earrings.

How Best To Use Orange Calcite

The beautiful color of this form of Calcite makes it a popular choice for making jewelry.

It is possible to find the crystal carved into talismans, figurines, and other ornaments for use in the home or workplace.

Orange Calcite can be used in healing grids, either alone or with other stones, and is especially useful when working on your Sacral or Solar Plexus chakras to clear away negative energies and blockages.

You can also carry a piece of this sunny stone in your pocket or wallet to give your creative faculties a boost during the day.

One of the best uses you can put this tone to is to clear and energize your subtle body. It works powerfully and quickly to dispel any negative or blocked energies from your aura, leaving you feeling lighter and more optimistic about everything.

It also gives your creativity a boost, enabling you to solve problems more quickly and find joy in your own creative pastimes.

The Benefits Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. It will enhance all the gifts you possess and eliminate any pollution present in your body and light body.

It will increase the flow of positive energies in your body so that the negative energies will be dispelled. It will also do the same with the space you inhabit, the things you use, and the people you spend time with. This stone will help you do away with old patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking.

It will make you realize that as time passes, everything changes. And with every change, certain beliefs and practices will also no longer be relevant. Orange Calcite will help you come to terms with these changes.

This stone will show you how you can make space for new ways of living, fresh ideas, and other sources of inspiration

You will discover a deeper meaning for your experiences and for all the events that happen in your life, whether planned or unplanned.

Orange Calcite will get your energy moving so that you can come up with something new, different, and innovative.

The Healing Powers Of Orange Calcite

Emotional Healing Powers

Orange Calcite is an excellent stone for creating emotional intelligence. It will connect your head and your heart so that you can use your own wisdom and powers of discernment to achieve the best emotional outcomes for all concerned.

This crystal has a powerful effect on the emotions associated with sex. It can help balance your male and female energies so that you approach your sexual encounters in an empowered and confident way. It helps to dissolve unnecessary guilt or shame and bring in new feelings, allowing you to enjoy your body’s natural pleasures.

Orange Calcite has a balancing effect on the emotions and helps to dispel fear, anxiety, and depression. It dissolves problems and maximizes potential.

Physical Healing Powers

This stone is strongly associated with your physical body. It carries healing energies that can repair, restore, strengthen, and protect.

Orange Calcite can build up your physical, emotional, and mental balance so that you can function at 100% capacity.

It can boost your vitality, your sexual energy, and your ability to self-heal. It can also be helpful for conditions affecting the joints.

Orange Calcite can improve the function of your urinary tract, spleen, liver, and kidneys.

It can also aid in removing viruses and visual disturbances.

It’s an excellent stone to have when it comes to eliminating the toxins from your body. It can also ease the symptoms of fatigue, stomach-related illnesses, and many other ailments.

Healers use Orange Calcite paired with Iron Pyrite because it can help treat the reproductive system. It can also aid in your calcium intake and nutrient absorption.

Orange Calcite And Wealth

When it comes to wealth and abundance, Orange Calcite is an excellent stone. It will promote responsible leadership, which will endear you to the people you work with and gain the respect of your peers.

It will encourage hard work and perseverance needed to achieve your financial goals. The energies of Orange Calcite will fill you with confidence in executing your plans. It will keep you determined and help you to keep going even if there are setbacks.

Orange Calcite will help you overcome your financial challenges, develop and integrate new ideas, and formulating new plans.

It will attract money and exciting new opportunities. It will help you discover innovative solutions for your current financial problems.

It will also encourage you to look at things from different perspectives, find new ways to make money, or budget your money.

Orange Calcite will inspire you to expand your business. It will improve the flow of your business and increase the flow of money.

This is a stone that will effectively fight off laziness or procrastination. It will make you inspired and productive, and it will replace your inactivity or lethargy with enthusiasm and motivation.

It will increase your energy so that you can achieve more, and it will give you whatever you will need to achieve your financial goals.

Orange Calcite For Love And Relationships

Orange Calcite will work wonders in your life, especially when it comes to love, romance, and relationships. This is because it will help reduce your emotional fears and give you the courage to be happy in love.

This stone will give you an emotional release. All the feelings that you have locked away in your heart will come pouring out of you, and this will make you feel so much lighter.

It will heal your emotional pain so that you can be at peace within. The healing energies of this stone will also show you how you can forgive and move forward with your life.

Orange Calcite will restore you if you have experienced setbacks in your relationships so that you will have the desire to find happiness once again. It will help you pick up the pieces and find hope and positivity in your circumstances.

Orange Calcite will guide you to transition smoothly into the next chapter of your life. It will not always be an easy road, but this stone’s positive energies will ensure that you have everything you need to navigate the journey to happiness and fulfillment successfully.

Orange Calcite is an excellent stone to have when you and your partner cannot see eye to eye because it will give you a new way of looking at a situation. It will remove the resistance in your relationship and allow peace and harmony to reign. You will enjoy a renewed sense of confidence that will inspire intimacy.

You will have no qualms about trying out something new with your partner, especially if you know that it will benefit your relationship.

Orange Calcite will help you overcome your shyness, especially when your relationship is new and you are still in the adjustment period.

Orange Calcite And Meditation

Orange Calcite is an important stone when it comes to personal cleansing. The energy-amplifying powers of Orange Calcite enhance your natural gifts’ strength and rid your body of negative energies.

When used for meditation, Orange Calcite invites positive energies from the universe towards you and makes room for them so that you can cater to healthy thoughts instead of hurtful ones.

The implications of using Orange Calcite are not just limited to your inner self.

This is a stone that embodies energies that expand to your surroundings as well, in the sense that they bring harmony and positivity to space and people around you.

The uses of meditation with Orange Calcite are many.

Firstly, the stone brings a level of peace that helps the user let go of past behaviors and break bad habits. Meditating with Orange Calcite enlightens an individual about some of the most basic but fundamental notions which make the building blocks of life.

One of these is the realization that time heals everything. Nothing in life will be permanent, so there is no point in stressing over the struggles you faced in the past or continue to deal with in the present. The powers of Orange Calcite remind you that with time, everything changes.

This transitioning process may seem daunting and even arduous to many people, but the powers of Orange Calcite help one cope with such changes and adjust to new surroundings.

When you meditate with Orange Calcite, you will feel a renewed drive and increased energy levels to conquer the days ahead of you.

The stone provides a sense of confidence and motivation to explore new avenues and derive inspiration from various sources so that you can keep pushing yourself in the direction of success.

Orange Calcite is also known to boost a person’s creativity. So if your life has lately been feeling a tad monotonous, meditation with Orange Calcite will help you tap into your creative instincts and discover new ways to bring your ideas to life.

You will also be invited to explore your real purpose in life and seek a deeper meaning behind each of the experiences you go through, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

Orange Calcite is also a great mood elevator. Meditation with this stone can vastly improve your overall mood and make you adopt a more positive approach to life.
This is a great way to boost your sense of purpose and become more connected with your inner self because it guides you on a self-discovery journey.

When paired with Sapphire, Orange Calcite enhances your inner instincts and makes your intuition stronger.

It holds great significance for your mind because the spiritual properties of Orange Calcite significantly improve your memory and make you more aware of not just yourself but your surroundings as well.

People prone to mental health issues such as depression will derive great benefit from Orange Calcite meditation.

Chakras And Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite resonates with the Sacral chakra above all, and also with the Base and Solar Plexus chakras.

Suppose your Sacral chakra is out of balance, blocked, or over-active. In that case, you are most likely to experience this physically as pain in the lower back, problems with your reproductive organs, urinary infections, and bladder troubles. Emotionally, a poorly functioning Sacral chakra can lead to feelings of guilt and shame around sexual matters, lack of interest in life, depression, or lethargy.

Using Orange Calcite to bring this chakra into balance and harmony with your energies can lift your mood, inspire you to create new things, including relationships, and allow you to reconnect with the activities that give you pleasure and joy.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite can be combined with various other stones, including other colors of Calcite, Citrine, Carnelian, and darker stones such as Obsidian or Black Tourmaline for grounding

Chakra Crystal Combinations

Combine Orange Calcite with Carnelian for the Sacral chakra to clear away debris and blocked energy that may be affecting your mood and reactions to other people.

Use it with Rhodochrosite for the Base chakra to improve your self-esteem and help you reclaim your own power.

Orange Calcite and Citrine work well together on the Solar Plexus chakra to energize and boost your immune system and to clear blockages from the meridian channels and life force energy systems.

Other Crystal Combinations

Orange Calcite and Sapphire will also enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. It is a mind stone that will heighten your mental discernment and boost your memory.

Orange Calcite and Tourmalated Quartz will give you the wisdom to deal with the daily stresses and challenges of life. This stone’s energies will also remind you to take pleasure in life and enjoy the little things!

Combined with Amazonite, it will ease the symptoms of fatigue, stomach-related illnesses, and many other ailments.

Healers use Orange Calcite paired with Iron Pyrite because it can help treat the reproductive system. It can also aid in your calcium intake and nutrient absorption.

When, Why, And How To Cleanse And Charge Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a relatively soft and delicate stone, so the best way to cleanse it is to use either brown rice or sage.

Immerse your crystal in brown rice for at least 48 hours to rid it of impurities and negative energies.

Passing your stones through the smoke from burning white sage will recharge its positive energies and enable it to absorb more of the negativity in the atmosphere.

Avoid using salt to clear or clean your Orange Calcite, as salt crystals’ abrasive qualities may damage it.

Orange Calcite can help Cancer individuals to maintain a calm and peaceful demeanor when their patience is tried and to find courage and strength to overcome their natural shyness.

Orange Calcite In Legends And History

The name calcite comes from the Latin word “calx,” which means lime, as in limestone. It was named as a mineral by Pliny the Elder.

It is a mineral that has been in extensive use ever since ancient times. Construction materials, abrasives, pigments, and agricultural soil treatments all contained calcite in one form or the other. As a constituent of marble, you can find calcite in many of the ancient world’s monuments.

According to legend, the ancient Egyptians were quite fond of calcite. They fashioned it into artifacts and also adorned the tombs of the Pharaohs with it.

It was significant in their culture as the earth element, and they believed it amplified energy and cleansed the body from energy blockages.

Nowadays, calcite is more commonly associated with all four elements, and its uses and effects on our energy depend on its color.

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is an enhancement stone that will energize and revitalize your life energies.

It will remove anything that is preventing you from achieving calm and serenity. It has a very gentle energy that will cleanse the toxins in your physical body and your aura.

It will remove any trace of stagnant energy and amplify your positive energies. With the help of this stone, you will be able to balance your emotions and heal from your past life trauma.

It will also remove your fears and help you overcome your emotional challenges.
Orange Calcite will work with you in taking concrete steps to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality.

This stone will enhance your personal power that will help ward off negative energies.
Whatever is keeping you from reaching your true potential, Orange Calcite will help you deal with it.

It is an excellent stone to carry around with you, especially when you embark on a new journey, project, or endeavor.

With the guidance of Orange Calcite, joy and happiness will be your driving force in life, and your creativity and determination will make all your dreams happen for you.

Written by Diana Houston


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