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Maeva's Cottage

Paranormal Investigation Consultation

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Have you been experiencing bumps in the night? Glimpses of shadows walking by from the corner of your eye? Have objects been moving, doors opening or closing, or just an uneasy feeling that you're not alone in your home? 

Psychic Medium, Maeva, and her engineer husband, Nico, are professional paranormal investigators with years of experience and a passion for investigating properties for paranormal activity. We offer paranormal investigation services free to our local community. Distant investigations may require travel/lodging expenses. 

Get Started

  • Book a free consultation.


  1. Consultation
  2. Date is scheduled!
  3. We arrive on time and introduce ourselves if we haven't met yet
  4. House tour of the property explaining your experiences in each area
  5. Brief chat of any questions you may have or want us to ask the spirits (if there are any) and expectations for the rest of the night's timeline
  6. Residents (including children and large animals) leave the property until our agreed time of return.
  7. We set up our gear and create a game plan 
  8. We begin investigating (typically 2-6 hours based on prior agreement)
  9. You come home! We chat and share our immediate findings and experiences. 
  10. After the investigation, our camera footage and other recordings will be reviewed (typically takes 7-10 days). We will then reach out to you with our complete summary. Another in-person meeting may be scheduled if you'd like to see any captured evidence on camera/audio.  

Our Gear

  • DVR Infrared Cameras
  • Rem Pods
  • SLS Camera
  • Laser Grids
  • Interactive Devices
  • Motion Sensors
  • Voice Recorders
  • Headphones
  • Blindfolds
  • Radio Frequency Scanner 
  • EMF Detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Thermal Scanners
  • & More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be home during this? I'm scared as it is and don't want to be part of it.
A: Actually, we ideally ask that the residents are not present for the investigation especially if there are children or animals. The more people involved, the more noise that can interfere with our recording efforts. Plus, we investigate in pure darkness with a lot of gear that make noises, beep, and flash. This can scare small children (and even some adults)!

Q: I'm not sure if my house is haunted or not but something is up, will you still come to ease my mind?
A: Absolutely! Our goal is to debunk the experiences first. If we can't find a reason or explanation for your experiences, we continue our investigation to see if it is paranormal. If it is, we do our best to get answers. 

Q: What if there's something bad or evil in my house? 
A: We can discuss options at the end of our investigation to help ease your mind. We can offer additional services or give our personal advice based on experience. 

Q: Will your investigation upset the Spirits or entities and make things worse?
A: Most of the time, homes are "haunted" by deceased people who haven't moved on. Contrary to making things worse, sometimes we alleviate it by giving them a voice and helping them move on. Sometimes, our presence ramps the activity up but it's usually because they're not used to people purposely seeking them out. We will offer advice after our investigation based on our findings. 

Q: I don't believe in this stuff but everyone in my house seems convinced it's haunted. How do you prove it to skeptics like me?
A: As a medium and an engineer, we are both open to each side of the spectrum as skeptics and believers. Most things can be explained away by natural science (Electricity, pipes, dust, the elements, wear and tear of a home, structural settling, etc.,) or happenstance. We use technology to record and capture evidence. Please see our gear list for an idea of the equipment we use. 

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