Ritual Salts for Spells or Bath (Choose Intention)

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AIR for mindset/mental health, clarity, creativity, education, learning, wisdom, knowledge, divination, psychic work, intuition 

EARTH for grounding, success, stability, prosperity, abundance, money/finances, death/endings, rebirth, wisdom, nature, animals, manifestation

FIRE for energy, motivation, destruction, power, strength, will, courage, passion, sexuality, travel, action

HEALING for health, physical healing emotional healing, trauma healing, mental healing, healing situations or relationship

LOVE for love, friendship, relationships, marriage, compassion, sexuality, self-love, passion, seduction

PROTECTION for physical protection, travel protection, psychic protection, energetic protection

PURIFICATION for releasing, cleansing, banishing, removing negativity, purifying 

SPIRIT for healing, expression, meditation, transcendence, peace, compassion, spirit communication, divine connection, divination, joy, union, getting in touch with the divine/Spirit, work with ancestors

WATER for emotions, psychic abilities, intuition, deep feelings, love, fertility, change, transformation, curses, cleansing, unconscious mind, self-healing, reflection, lunar working, goddess energy/dedication, death/endings


  1. These ritual salts are aromatherapeutic and magickally charged to strengthen magicks within and around you. Dissolve them in a warm bath and immerse your body in the soothing waters to soak away all negativity and stress, opening yourself to attaining and living your desires.

  2. These can be used to make a wash. In a pot, mix 3 tablespoons of this mixture with one gallon of water and bring to a boil. Once it reaches a strong boil, turn off the stove, cover the pot, and let it steep until cool. Once cool, place the water mixture into a spray bottle or jar.

  3. These can be used to amplify candle magick. Place in a candle-safe dish, then place a candle in the dish with the mixture.