Yellow Jasper (Tumbled)

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Jasper was often worn by Shamen to provide protection. It was considered a sacred stone during the performance of, and adherence to, the “old ways” of the Native American Indians. Yellow Jasper was used for assisting and protecting during times of travel (spiritual or physical).

Energy: Projective, Receptive
Planet: Sun
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Astrological Sign: Leo
Vibrates to the number: 6

Powers: conducive to awareness, allows one to celebrate situations of isolation, provides protection, “supreme nurturer,” holds and supports during times of stress, brings a sense of completeness and tranquility, helps with dream recollection, aids in shamanic journeying, absorbs all types of negative energies, facilitates in balancing and aligning the physical-mental-emotional bodies, promotes strength/courage/determination, stimulates creativity and imagination, encourages ideas into action, assists in concentration and focusing, encourages organization abilities and motivation, good for protection from radiation, aids during dowsing, helpful in times of extended hospitalization and when one’s energy is low, stabilizes the aura, provides a cleansing effect to smooth dysfunctional energies and to eliminate negativity

  • Each stone is approx. 1" to 1.77"

  • Imported from Madagascar